Certificate in OD & Change Leadership

The Most Comprehensive Certificate Program in OD and Change Leadership in the World.

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There are many certificate programs from which to choose, but only one is the result of collaboration between the world-renowned Peter Drucker Graduate School of Management and the Landers Consulting Group. Over three years in development and facilitated by senior practitioners with decades of internal and external OD and I-O consulting experience makes this program is the clear choice for those seeking the best return on their investment.

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Quite simply, it represents the BEST VALUE for your money and time!

The Drucker Advantage

★   Develop core competencies within a reasonable time frame, costs far less than most university programs, and covers
       more topics.

★   Acquire core intervention skills (e.g., clarifying expectations, establishing parameters, articulating deliverables, selecting
      interventions, and planning and leading change projects.

★   Explore 12 different change models and the explores the differences between dialogic and diagnostic OD practices, then
       create your own change management model.

★   Experience modern emergent learning processes. This highly experiential workshop focuses on hands-on competency
      development requiring participants to create their own models, assessment instruments, and intervention tools which
      can be directly applied on the job.

★   Lessons are chunked and optimally distributed to ensure participants can comfortably process and retain

Who Should Attend?

✓   New OD/IO Professionals wanting a competitive edge to
      stand out from the crowd.

✓  HR and T&D Professionals looking to expand skills and knowledge.

✓   People who have the responsibility for change, but may be
      lacking the formal education that provides credibility.

✓   Executives, managers, & team leaders who are responsible for
      implementing change.

Program Curriculum
Post-Modern Emergent Learning Methodologies

The Landers Consulting Group has been leading change and facilitating experiential learning for decades. We’ve used our experience and expertise to create real-world case studies, simulations that require our participants to discover what works and what doesn’t for themselves.

Our emergent learning process involves a series of intentional, iterative experiences produce new and insightful learning. We then, help learners extract those insights and help them uncover ways to apply them to their real world situations.

Research has shown that this kind of learning is “sticky” and retained. And since it is original, the new knowledge is adaptable to other, at home situations. Our participants become “change leaders” able to apply these insights to help their companies and clients successfully implement change.


All sessions are online. The URL and instructions are
provided once you are enrolled.

The program starts on October 2 nd with self-paced,
Prework consists of a competency assessment, an
individual development plan, and three self-paced eLearning
programs. It should take 5 days to complete the prework.

The experiential workshop sessions begin on Tuesday,
October 10 th and continue, twice a week on Tuesdays and
Thursdays, from 3:30 PM to 6:30 PM (Pacific Time), The last
session is on Thursday, Nov. 9 th . Attendance is mandatory for
all workshop sessions. The sessions are not recorded.

The final exam is on Tuesday, November 14 th . The test will be
available from 10:00 AM until 4:00 PM Pacific Time. There
are 100 questions on the test. A prep session is conducted
the day before test from 3:30 PM to 5:30 PM Pacific Time.
The final exam is difficult. It is recommended you attend the prep session.

Two optional coaching sessions follow the exam. Dates and times will be determined after the exam.

Our Academic and Certification Program Advisor

Dr. Jay Prag
Drucker Graduate School

Dr. Jay Prag is the faculty director of the Certificate Program in Organizational Development and Change Leadership. Dr. Prag has been teaching at the Drucker School of Management since 1986. He serves on the board of directors of LINC Housing, a nonprofit low-income housing developer in Long Beach. He also served on the Board of Directors of Mt. San Antonio Gardens in Claremont and was actively involved in many business startups. Dr. Prag has won numerous teaching awards in his years at The Claremont Colleges. He also served as academic director for the Executive MBA and the Financial Engineering programs at the Drucker School.

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