The Landers Consulting Group is comprised of senior practitioners, educators, and researchers devoted to the practice of successfully implementing organization change and organization effectiveness interventions. 

  • We align ourselves strategically with our clients to help sort out crucial operational, systems, culture and people matters to increase the effectiveness of our clients.
  • We apply emergent processes that identify existing and hidden competencies, leverage and enhance them to increase internal capabilities, adaptability, and resiliency.
  • We engage all members of the organization to uncover and apply the ideas and visions lying beneath the surface of the organization and its culture. Then, we work with everyone to make their visions a reality. 
  • Very importantly, we believe in transferring our knowledge and processes to our clients so they can continue to improve without our assistance. Client empowerment is a core value in our practices and beliefs.
Our Values

 Honesty, adding value, creating great places for people to work, promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion, building leadership competencies for today’s workforce, fostering employee engagement, participation, and involvement, along with creating cultures of accountability, trust, and respect are our core to our practices and beliefs.

Our Pledge

 We clearly and concisely articulate our commitments, processes, and deliverables in all we do to ensure our clients possess a clear understanding of what we do and how we do it and are 100% satisfied with our work.

We work collaboratively with our clients to transfer core knowledge and skills to them and build their internal capabilities to ensure they can continue our efforts, independently, to build better, more effective and productive organizations.

International Partners and Support Network

Unlike many boutique consultancies, the Landers Consulting Group is strategically aligned with resources and partners around the globe. Our IT and app development team is in Pakistan, we have eLearning developers in Taiwan, and we partner with training providers in China, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

When you choose to work with the Landers Group, you have a global support team and educators, researchers, and senior practitioners dedicated to delivering top-tier services and products.