Senior practitioners, educators, change mavens, and thought leaders working collaboratively with clients to improve the effectiveness of organizations, teams, and individuals.

40+ years of providing consulting services
that unlock potential within individuals and organizations.
Creating Positive Organization Cultures

We use new emergent, collaborative processes to engage employees, foster creativity, and create positive workplaces with high levels of employee morale.

Improving Systems, Processes, & Capabilities

We have helped hundreds of organizations across many industries increase their agility by streamlining their processes, optimizing their systems, and flexing their adaptability muscles.

Developing Effective Leaders and Teams

We are leadership development experts able to impart specialized skills, new mindsets, and motivational methods to optimize hybrid teams. We have been designing custom leadership programs for over 40 years.

Providing Executive Coaching

We are a team of senior consultants and leadership development practitioners. We work with individual leaders and executive teams to enhance their personal effectiveness and deliver results.

The LCG Advantage: 5 Reasons to work with us
  1. The Landers Consulting Group is a team of organization development consultants and industrial-organizational psychologists who are experts in the people side of change and employee productivity.
  2. We have a 45-year history of working collaboratively with 100s of clients and organizations from more than 30 industries and government entities to improve the effectiveness of their cultures, systems, processes, teams, and individuals.
  3. We are former corporate executives and leaders possessing decades of business experience actively engaged in research to uncover best practices, emerging trends, and technological advances to help our clients achieve operational excellence.
  4. We are thought-leaders, educators, senior practitioners able to change cultures, increase employee engagement, and impart essential skills and methodologies to increase productivity, and profitability.
  5. We maintain a global network of international service providers allowing us to create online solutions, custom applications, and state-of-the-art training solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients.

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Professional Development Programs

Certificate in OD and Change Leadership: Upon completion of this 6-week course,
cohort members receive a Certificate in OD and Change Leadership from the Peter Drucker Graduate School of Management. The program is highly experiential and intended for experienced practitioners and covers topics such as, establishing credibility and expertise, internal-external consulting, contracting and fees, introduction to organizational change, change management, the people-side of change, organization cultures, developing a change model, sociotechnical systems, dialogic and diagnostic OD, and strategic OD. (Click here to learn more)

Becoming a Successful Independent Consultant: This course is for experienced professionals aspiring to become an independent consultant. Like other LCG courses, it is highly experiential with personal readiness assessments, prep activities, and group learning activities. It is facilitated by senior practitioners with decades of experience. Topics include: selecting a value-added topic, separating yourself from the competition, creating a brand, positioning for profits, effective marketing, partners and strategic affiliations, meeting with clients and 50 helpful questions for learning about clients, writing a proposal, setting fees, and growing your business. (Click here to learn more)

Stepping Up into Frontline Leadership: This 2-Day highly interactive program gives new
supervisors the knowledge, techniques, and insights necessary to step confidently into their new position. The curriculum covers the fundamentals of effective supervision, including Self-Awareness as a Leader, Planning; Organizing, Delegation, Documentation, One-on-One meetings, Coaching skills, and the importance of recognition and appreciation. Materials include a personal Emergenetics profile and a copy of the award-winning book, “Pitfalls; Possibilities: A Leadership Fable,” by Karen Main. Click here to learn more and contact Karen Main to schedule your in-person program.

Executive Coaching: Our highly customized coaching process begins with a mix of self-assessments and 360 o instruments that provide insights into an individual’s strengths, weaknesses, personality traits, leadership style, EQ, communication preferences, impact on others, and more. These results and the coachee’s personal goals are used to create a coaching plan tailored to the person’s individual needs and aspirations. Our process allows executives to track their development and provides tangible evidence of the impact of our coaching interventions and engagement. A typical coaching engagement lasts 6 months and includes 15 hours of coaching time mixing 60- and 30-minute sessions. We are exploring the possibility of providing small-group or team coaching sessions to our repertoire. (Click here to learn more)

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